For Novaprecisio, warmth is synonymous with comfort.

With this in mind, RADELIOS IRT was born, the heating concept that offers the highest levels of well-being.

health and well-being

maximum security

Cost saving

easy installation

total control

minimum maintenance required

It’s time to move away from the heating technologies that we’ve used so far, because we’re now able to bring a very high level of comfort to homes, combined with a lower environmental impact than any heating system on the market today.

All the solutions of the RADELIOS IRT system, as a confirmation of what has been developed over the years, have been accepted by the GSE to obtain tax deductions and tax credit contributions.

Using studies and experiments carried out over the last 15 years, we have developed a control unit, the heart of the RADELIOS IRT system, capable of modulating the flow of electrical current that runs through the resistance, in such a way as to allow only the emission of far infrared rays, eliminating the anachronistic and energetically inefficient joule effect.  This intuition allows to obtain, under the same conditions, a saving in consumption of 80%.

The IRT system consists of a series of radiant skeins laid under the roof of the building protection. They are powered by electricity, aimed at soliciting the maximum emission of infrared rays thus reaching the minimum expenditure of electricity, in implementation of the predefined computer protocol up to bring the “Coefficient of Performance” (Cdp) to 1:5.

RADELIOS IRT prefers the noble energy of infrared, the same type of heat that the sun offers us every day.  The distinctive features of the system can be summarized in:

HEALTHINESS: is recognized as the heat of far infrared (Far Infra Red) is beneficial to health.

SAFETY: the RADELIOS IRT system does not require the use of dangerous energy sources, it is powered by electricity (also that of the PV system).

SAVINGS: On equal terms, the RADELIOS IRT system is unrivalled in terms of energy savings

EASE OF INSTALLATION: With RADELIOS IRT, pipe tracing and laying works are eliminated, reducing installation times and jobs by about 80%.

MINIMAL ANNUAL MAINTENANCE REQUIRED: RADELIOS IRT systems do not need the tedious (and costly) maintenance required by traditional heating systems
no decline in performance over time

TOTAL CONTROL: RADELIOS IRT allows a precise control and management of every thermal zone of the house

comparison irt with other forms of heating