Novaprecisio LIGHTING


The electronic circuit is realised creating a tridimensional structure made of copper, aluminium and glass fibre, without using electronic components. Doing so, the functionality of our LEDs is not depending on traditional components lifespan.



Our technology keeps LED light cold, reducing drastically the infrared emission. Moreover the Lexan screens block any UV radiation. The result is a directional and precise light, able to point out every single shade created by the artists, in the their artwork and in the illuminated architecture. The quality of the light is the key to appreciate them, for this reason we keep our LED at a temperature slightly higher than room temperature. Doing so, the quality of our light won’t overheat and deteriorate. Keeping our LED at a low temperature avoids harmful radiations both for artwork and our eyes.


Our lights are made with materials that last to weathering. It is known that solar UV radiation with time breaks molecular bonds of plastic materials, provoking loss of brightness and transparency, leading to an unaesthetic yellowing. To avoid that, we selected Lexan  UV protected to be used for all our plastic elements, because it is the only plastic material able to maintain an exceptional elasticity and transparency throughout the years under the sun.

We use only machined from solid stainless steel, we cold work it and protect it with an electric polishing treatment to resist sea saltiness and pool chlorine.

In our lights, lenses are also protective elements. We chose a Japanese resin with a transmission coefficient which is higher than glass and able to maintain it along the years. Experimental tests in the Arizona desert proved a minimal loss in transparency after 30 years. 

We use AISI 316L stainless steel mounted on extruded aluminium mono blocks. LED electronic boards are fixed with optics on the extruded aluminium mono block with stainless steel screws. Static directional pressure coefficient and friction coefficient between the two materials ensure a long lasting fixing also in case of mechanical vibrations and thermal expansion. A pH neutral, adhesive and thermally conductive resin seal the bonding among the materials, in order to further improve the solidity of the light.


When we work our metals we follow a rule which is common of many arts: just as in the production process of the Swedish steel and the construction technique of the Viking ships, we start from a mono block and we cold work it. Doing so we preserve without altering the molecular structure of the raw material, giving it strength and flexibility at the same time.



In Novaprecisio  we aim to keep the features of our products extended over time. Aluminium is a very ductile material, for which many manufacturers choose to paint it to cover those flaws, as marks and scratches, occurred during a careless production process.

Unlike other manufacturers, we chose to plate our lights. Plating requires great care handling each piece, as even the minimum bump can create a permanent damage in the finished product.

But after plating, aluminium becomes extremely strong, and thanks to a ceramic powdered smoothing, thermally insulated, avoiding that unpleasant feeling of cold that we get when we touch a traditionally painted metal pole.


Our lights are made to last. Also because we know that often the cost of replacing a light can be very high.

Our LED lights are coupled with four stabilising capacitors, both for power and tension, in order to minimise any non compliance of the electric source. An accurate analysis lies behind the choice of the materials. We looked for a perfect combination of innovation and tradition: we selected those materials that traditionally were hand worked and used to age without oxidation. We took inspiration for our minimalist design from the harmony of the ancient Greeks, searching for simple and well proportioned lines. Each light radiates its luminous flow from a multitude of point-like sources, mathematically placed to avoid shading on the objects.